Staff at Milford Fitness assisting and guiding a member through their workout.

When we decided to pursue this fitness endeavor, we knew that the Milford, Delaware community did not need just another gym. What we sought to create instead was a medical fitness/wellness center that caters to all people of all ages and fitness needs. We join with the Milford Wellness Village to provide integrated health services for the Milford, Delaware community.

In conjunction with the physical therapists/personal trainers at Aquacare Physical Therapy, we will work with you to develop an individualized, specialized program that is designed to meet your current wellness, fitness, and medical needs. This can be done through a variety of different memberships, including individual/family plans, post-rehab programs, personal and small group training, group exercise classes geared toward seniors, and wellness seminars and lectures.

Staff member at Milford Fitness, wearing a mask and assisting a customer on the treadmill.

What is a Medical Fitness Center?


Medical fitness centers utilize exercise as the method to promote health benefits and support preventative care, while traditional gyms focus on physical fitness and popular exercise techniques. Milford Lifestyle Fitness Center provides the latest exercise programs, health education, and medical fitness programs to focus on an individual’s complete health and wellness.

Staff a Milford Fitness, in a mask, supporting a client.

Who Are We?


Milford Lifestyle Fitness Center supports the health and fitness needs of the community by providing a small, intimate facility, professional staff, and programs in a unique, supportive environment.  We offer client-based services designed to promote health and fitness to individuals with medical conditions, as well as those seeking general conditioning.  Our primary function is to assist our members in the reduction of the occurrence and/or severity of chronic conditions by formulating individualized, medical supervised, health related, exercise programs. We have everything you need in one place, without working out in a crowded, large gym.  You interact with physical therapists/personal trainers at every visit to provide a safe environment to exercise.