Staff a Milford Fitness, in a mask, supporting a client.

Meeting the
Wellness Needs

of the Milford Delaware Community

Milford Lifestyle Fitness Center is more than just a gym. Our primary function is to assist our members in the reduction of the occurrence and/or severity of chronic conditions by formulating individualized, medically supervised, health-related exercise programs.


About Us

In conjunction with the physical therapists/personal trainers at Aquacare Physical Therapy, we will work with you to develop an individualized, specialized program that is designed to meet your current wellness, fitness, and medical needs. Through a variety of different memberships, including individual/family plans, post-rehab programs, personal training, group exercise classes geared toward seniors, and wellness seminars and lectures.

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What makes us unique from a typical gym is that our staff includes physical therapists/physical therapy assistants that can address any physical deficits that you may have preventing you from safely exercising.  We help you develop an exercise/wellness program that will prevent future injuries, while assisting you with recovering successfully from injury or debilitation.  If you have a chronic condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or Parkinson’s, we will work with you to develop an exercise program based on the latest exercise research.

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(302) 491-6974

21 West Clarke Ave
Suite 1500
Milford, DE, 19963

Part of the Milford Wellness Village
(Located at the old Milford Hospital)

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