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Julia Schone, Milford Fitness

Julia Schone,

Personal Trainer/Exercise Specialist

Julia has four little boys at home, so when life gets busy and things happen, she gets less time to focus on herself! She doesn’t let that stop her from focusing on her health, because you find time for what is important to you. Being healthier, active, and fit for her boys is important to her. You have to find your ‘why’ and use it as motivation to reach your goals. Julia’s passion is to help people feel their best! Seeing clients progress and change is a fulfilling experience. Julia wants to help you be the healthiest you that you can be! She genuinely cares about you and wants to see you succeed and feel your best.

Julia graduated from Apollo college to become a personal trainer, an 11-month program that prepared her to take the (ACSM) American College of Sports and Medicine certification. She became certified in 2012. Julia has trained clients, taught boot camp classes, worked in gyms, and has been lifting weights for 11 years.

Julia has also become ISSA certified as a Glute Specialist. Her goals are to get certified in bodybuilding, nutrition, running an online business, and recertify as a personal trainer. Let her help you reach your goals, and be a healthier, happier you!

We partner with local businesses by offering discounts to your employees.  For additional information, reach out to Julia at (302) 491-4196.